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About Me

"I am focused on helping people win in their relationship with Christ. God has placed a powerful message in my heart to help people establish hope and exercise their faith. I am here to help people focus on their destination in Christ instead of their failures in life." - Pastor Dennis

Dennis and Lori are the lead pastors of, and have been since 2004. We have been ordained through Gerald Brooks, Pastor of Grace Outreach Center in Plano Texas.


"As a person, I am passionate about helping people win in life. As a pastor, I am passionate about growing leaders. As a visionary, I am passionate about reaching the world through technology. Being a 3rd generation minister, God has taken my entrepreneur and sales experience in business and technology to help churches implement new techniques in video production and social media." - Pastor Dennis


"My family, next to God, is the single most important priority in my life. My wife and I's parents set us up on a blind date. We ended up getting married six months later in 1991. She is an amazing woman, who loves to pray, and is full of the Word.  She co-pastors with me and is a great support to the vision God has given us.  We are blessed to have our four kids working with us in the ministry. Dariel, our oldest son, is the Media Director for our church, his wife Rebekah, helps in the area of administration, Chase, our middle son, plays keyboard and helps to lead our band, and Blake, our youngest son, works on our audio team." - Pastor Dennis

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